Eco Guesthouse Ferrairolles

Off the grid house in the south of France

Who are we

The Ferrairolles is an ecological guesthouse surrounded by vineyards, in the Corbières wine area, with views of the Pyrenees and about 40 minutes away from the Mediterranean Sea. Our remote location allows us to experience a peacefulness that often escapes us in our modern world. For instance, we can appreciate the starry sky because we do not have air or light pollution.


We are surrounded by Cathar castles, medieval abbeys, and gorgeous canyons that offer many biking, hiking, and sightseeing options. Our location is bucolic and breathtaking, a restorative oasis with awe-inspiring views in every direction.


The Ferrairolles has olive trees, vineyards, chickens, and an organic garden. We live as harmoniously as possible with our land, always aware of our relationship with nature and its resources. We encourage our international guests to plant a fruit tree on the land, and we will plant a second one! Since January 2017, we participate in the WWOOF France program (“Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms”). In 2018, the Ferrairolles joined the Airbnb Open Homes community, offering space for free to people in need of temporary housing.


The Ferrairolles is run by Rolinka, her Pyrenees mountain dog Niouky and cats, Pablo and Bonnie. All of us love people and look forward to welcoming you soon! After decades of exploring the world, in 2011 Rolinka chose the special land that she now calls home: the Ferrairolles. This location offers a uniquely restorative blend of freedom, stillness, and closeness to nature. The Ferrairolles features a fusion of local inspiration as well as international influences from Rolinka’s travels, such as Asian decorative touches or the musical instruments that guests are encouraged to play. Local workers have been involved in every aspect of constructing and running this beautiful home. The Ferrairolles allows Rolinka a space to welcome guests and friends from all over the world. She is fluent in Dutch, English, German and French. Rolinka loves meditation, music, her dog Niouky, her cats Pablo and Bonnie, and spending time with people. She looks forward to welcoming you to the Ferrairolles soon!

Guesthouse and tiny house rentals

Please contact us for renting the Ferrairolles for special events: mindfulness trainings, team building, retreats, themed vacations like: painting, music, yoga, photography, bird-and butterfly watching, hiking, biking etc.

Entire Guesthouse

The Eco Guesthouse Ferrairolles is an enlarged and remodeled Bergerie (a former Shepard’s cottage). The guesthouse consists of four guest bedrooms each with a private bathroom and a large common room with a fireplace.

Rooms B&B

We have four guest bedrooms available each with a private bathroom.

Pinkie (2p)

The Eco Guesthouse Ferrairolles is now offering tiny house rentals. Also known as roulottes, Pipowagens or gypsy wagons. These tiny houses are the perfect get away to enjoy a remote vacation. We have three tiny houses, you can rent 2 for four persons or 1 for two persons

La vie en rose (4p)

Each Pipowagen has a queen-sized bed (with mosquito netting) and en-suite bathroom with an Eco-toilet, sink and shower with hot water from a solar water heater. An outdoor kitchen allows guests to make their own meals. 


What is an Eco-Guesthouse?

The Ferrairolles was built by local craftsmen using the most sustainable materials possible. We live in close harmony with the land, while also living comfortably.

All bathrooms are equipped with special tabs to save water; the lamps are on LED bulbs; the electricity comes from solar panels; the wood stoves warm the house; and the sewer system looks like a lovely plant and flower garden.

We have implemented environmentally friendly initiatives such as:

  • Thermodynamic heating
  • Low-flush toilets
  • Energy-friendly household appliances and electronics
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Use of exclusively local and seasonal food
  • No meat dishes
  • Minimum food waste
  • Permaculture vegetable garden, vineyards, edible-plant landscaping, and sustainable gardening
  • Storage of rain water to irrigate the gardens
  • Composting
  • Recycling
  • Cooperation with local businesses
"A stay at the Ferrairolles is a special one! The location and views are suburb, your host cheerful and inspiring, the dogs great. The house is fully autonomous, which you hardly notice as it has all facilities. Just realize that the power you use comes from the solar panels and be conscious of our usage, but this should be a natural reflex wherever you are."
The Netherlands
“Words can hardly describe how amazing my time the Ferrairolles was. Rolinka is the perfect host, who is very hospitable and generous. She really took the time to teach us about sustainable living, viticulture, permaculture and vegetarian cuisine.”
Seattle, USA
“Our stay at the Ferrairolles was a life-changing experience for my husband and me. The farm and home are exquisitely lovely and comfortable. The food is amazing, we got many ideas to making healthy meals and snacks back home now too. We felt so inspired and free and close to nature and the mysteries of the universe while at the farm. I will never forget looking at the bright stars in the sky there.”
Cameron and Pete
Nashville, USA